Beware the Hidden Traps: 3 Mistakes That Can Cripple Your Privileged Access Initiative

Imagine this: you’ve implemented a top-notch Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution, complete with robust authentication, authorization, and auditing. You’re feeling secure, protected, compliant…but wait. What if hidden weaknesses lurk beneath the surface, ready to trip you up and expose your organization to disastrous breaches? 

Unfortunately, even the best PAM solutions can be rendered ineffective by common missteps in key processes. This blog delves into the three most critical mistakes that can sabotage your privileged access initiative, leaving you vulnerable to both accidental and malicious attacks.  

So, buckle up and join us as we explore these hidden traps and equip you with the knowledge to avoid them. By the end, you’ll be safeguarding your privileged accounts, confidential information, and compliance like a pro! 

Ready to identify and eliminate these silent threats? Dive into the blog now!

Ticking Time Bombs: Uncovering the Silent Threats in Your Privileged Access Environment

Imagine navigating a minefield – every step could trigger a hidden explosive. Unfortunately, many organizations unwittingly wander through such a field when it comes to their privileged access environment (PAE). Unaccounted for or dormant privileged accounts act as silent time bombs, waiting to be exploited by attackers or misused accidentally. 

The Shocking Reality:

  • Research reveals a 10x higher risk of cyber incidents stemming from these “orphan” accounts compared to other vulnerabilities. 
  • Ungoverned accounts become prime targets for attackers, potentially leading to data breaches, abuse, or cyber espionage. 

But fear not! 2B Innovations| PAM offers a solution to detonate these ticking bombs before they cause harm. 

Unleashing the Power of Discovery and Control:

  • 2B Innovations| PAM acts like a sophisticated metal detector, unearthing every privileged entity across your entire IT landscape. 
  • It seamlessly onboards all identities, human and non-human, along with valuable assets, into a secure PAM system. 
  • Powerful Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) pre-sets rules, ensuring each entity has the precise permissions they need. 
  • Provisioning and de-provisioning are automated, even for short-term access, guaranteeing lifecycle management and eliminating unnecessary privileges. 

With 2B Innovations| PAM, you gain complete visibility and control over your PAE, transforming it from a minefield into a secure fortress. 

Don’t let dormant accounts become ticking time bombs in your organization. Contact us today and discover how 2B Innovations | PAM can keep you safe! 

Shadow IT Nightmare: Unmanaged SaaS Apps Threaten Your Privileged Access

The cloud boom has brought convenience, but with it, a hidden danger: unmanaged SaaS applications. Business users, from marketing to HR, readily adopt these tools, creating a blind spot in your privileged access environment. 

This uncontrolled sprawl leads to two major threats: 

  • Over-privileged identities: End users often have excessive access, increasing the risk of data breaches and misuse. 
  • Compliance nightmares: Lack of accountability for “who accesses what” exposes you to hefty fines and reputational damage. 

Imagine almost 10% of your cloud data accessible to every employee. That’s the shocking reality according to Veronis, potentially costing millions in exposed information. 

Don’t let SaaS become your security Achilles’ heel. 

2B Innovations’ PAM SaaS Solution is your weapon against the shadow IT threat. Designed for businesses of all sizes, it offers: 

  • Centralized control: Manage users and data centers from a single console. 
  • Complete auditability: Record all sessions for comprehensive security checks. 
  • Scalability and flexibility: Adapt to diverse customer needs and access models. 
  • Real-time protection: Safeguards privileged identities and data with advanced security measures. 
  • Anomaly detection: Identify suspicious user behavior and alert IT administrators. 
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) provisioning: Grant short-term access based on specific needs, automatically revoking rights when tasks are complete.  

2B Innovations’ PAM SaaS Solution is more than just data security – it’s peace of mind. Contact us today and discover how we can transform your cloud environment from a risky shadow to a fortress of control. 

Don't Wait for the Breach: Expose Anomalous User Behavior with 2B Innovations' PAM Solution

A robust Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution is your first line of defense, offering user authorization, authentication, SSO, access control, audit, and governance. But what happens when a privileged user goes rogue, deviating from established policies and exhibiting suspicious behavior? 

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Threat of Anomalous User Activity

This “anomalous behavior” – exceeding assigned permissions or venturing into forbidden territory – can have disastrous consequences. Unidentified, these deviations become ticking time bombs waiting to explode in the form of data breaches, unauthorized access, or malicious activity. 

Enter ITDR: Your Secret Weapon for Detecting and Stopping Threats

Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) is the emerging hero in the PAM landscape. Embedded within 2B Innovations’ PAM solution, ITDR continuously monitors user behavior, using machine learning-powered tools like Knight Analytics to identify potentially harmful deviations. 

Empower Your Security Team with ITDR's Powerful Benefits:

  • Complete Threat Insight: Gain a 360-degree view of every identity, spotting even the slightest shift from normal behavior. 
  • Early Warning System: Identify anomalous profiles before they can inflict damage, minimizing potential losses. 
  • Zero Trust Champion: Bolster your zero-trust security posture by constantly verifying and validating user activity. 

Don't Leave Your Privileged Access Vulnerable:

The evolving threat landscape demands constant vigilance. By addressing these three blind spots – unaccounted accounts, dormant privileges, and undetected anomalous behavior – you can significantly reduce your privileged access attack surface. 

Take Control with 2B Innovations' PAM Solution:

Equip your security team with the power of ITDR. Learn how 2B Innovations’ PAM solution can help you: 

  • Discover and manage all privileged accounts. 
  • Prevent unauthorized access with robust controls. 
  • Detect and respond to anomalous behavior in real time. 

Remember, early detection is key to preventing major breaches. Contact 2B Innovations today and secure your privileged access environment! 

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