Backup and Disaster Recovery are critical to every organization’s business continuity.

We consult our customers to provide solutions tailored to their needs.

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Hot Disaster Recovery

This involves a quick Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
and Recovery Time Objective (RTO). Hot DR is ideally
used and absolutely vital for Mission Critical
applications such as core financial and banking

Warm Disaster Recovery

Focus on applications and infrastructure with a slightly
higher RPO and RTO. May involve non-core banking
applications, DMS, MOSS and print and file server.

Cold Disaster Recovery

This has a slightly higher side of data recovery time
compared to the Hot and Warm DR, involving a higher
RTO and RPO. Used ideally for Non Critical

Backup as a Service and Restoration

It involves backing up your systems and restoring
them from backup in case of any disaster. We
implement strategies that help reduce your backup
footprint using a method of deduplicating data at
each node, job, and site. As a result, you get speed
backup and faster recoveries. Cloud4C is known for
its global deduplication systems that efficiently
execute bare metal recoveries.

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