Healthcare and Life Sciences

Leveraging core cloud services such as cloud-network synergy, Big Data, and artificial intelligence of HUAWEI CLOUD and its partners, the Healthcare and Life Sciences solution provides high-performance, reliable, and secure resources and technologies and a full portfolio of applications and services for the medical and healthcare industry.

Recommended Solution

Digital Hospital

Digital Hospital provides large hospitals with a shared, collaborative, and mobile platform. It is dedicated to building an open ecosystem converging Internet and healthcare for more efficient, precise, and intelligent patient experiences and more advanced, sustainable hospitals.

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Service Product

IT, Planning, Design and Implementation Services

The IT planning, design, and implementation service is based on customers' requirements on different scenarios of storage, computing, intelligent vision, and intelligent collaboration…..

Huawei Cloud stack planning, design and implementation service

Huawei provides enterprises with detailed cloud infrastructure planning, design, and implementation solutions, and helps enterprises quickly build cloud platforms with high quality…..

Migration Service

Huawei is dedicated to providing global customers with multi-scenario migration services, including storage data migration and IT infrastructure replacement, large-scale data center consolidation and migration, application service migration to the cloud, and inter-cloud migration….

DR and Backup Service

The DR and backup service complies with national laws and regulations and focuses on the full-lifecycle protection of customer service data by referring to business continuity construction theories and industry standards.…..

Data Enablement Service

Service description: The data enablement service provides professional services covering the entire process from planning, implementation, O&M, and operations….

Application Enablement Service

Service description: Based on customers' requirements for application migration to the cloud, application enablement service provides planning, design, enablement, support, and technical integration services in relation to micro services, containers, DevOps, blockchain, and IoT.

Security service

Today, cloud computing faces growing security threats and challenges which are beyond the capability of traditional security systems….