Exponential Growth, Subsidized Cost

Rebuild Media Productivity with New Experience,

Efficiency and Evolution.

Leverage cutting edge infrastructure and niche OTT transformation expertise

to jump onto a tried and tested business growth model for Media.

Ultimate User Experience

An advanced CDN network with 2800+ nodes in 170+ countries with a bandwidth reserve greater than   100 Tbit/sec guarantees a smooth user experience with latencies <800 ms.

High Efficiency Content Production

One stop services such as modelling, control, editing and more for efficient digital content creation powered by AI rendered acceleration and device cloud collaborative rendering with 4x efficiency plus 30% less device power consumption.

Evolutionary Business Model

Build a precise personalized intelligent recommendation system that can return search results of TB level data in microseconds. Features big data + AI + intelligent search and decouples storage from compute for cost control.

BBTV New Media

Thailand's top TV station, BBTV Channel 7, partnered with Huawei Cloud for a comprehensive cloud solution. This collaboration spans cloud services, devices, partner networks, and marketing. By leveraging Huawei Cloud's Live, VOD, and CDN services, BBTV delivered high-quality video experiences to over 10 million Thai users. This boosted service performance by 20% and slashed the total cost of ownership by 30%. Huawei Cloud's powerful video processing and reliable solutions ensured smooth broadcasts of international football matches. The BBTV app on Huawei AppGallery has crossed 1 million downloads. Additionally, significant Huawei events like HUAWEI CONNECT and HUAWEI CLOUD & CONNECT were live-streamed on BBTV Channel 7, solidifying the successful partnership.

TOGL Yippi

Yippi, the super social app by TOGL Technology, blasted off with a 75% user surge in 10 months. The secret sauce? Huawei Cloud's elastic infrastructure and databases. This powerful combo ensured low latency, and stable VOD acceleration, handling massive data like a champ. Yippi smoothly scaled to embrace trending events, delivering a seamless user experience. But that's not all! Huawei's 41,000 ecosystem partners opened doors to new frontiers like media, e-commerce, and the metaverse, accelerating Yippie's expansion. So, Yippi's success story boils down to two things: a super app packed with communication, payments, shopping, travel, entertainment, and more, and the rocket fuel of Huawei Cloud's infrastructure and partnerships.

Mango TV

Mango TV, a Chinese multimedia giant, carves its niche in the competitive market with top-notch variety shows. Their secret weapon? Huawei's 4K cloud production system. This tech slashed production costs from tens of millions to millions, a tenfold decrease! Efficiency skyrocketed too, with each 4K episode filmed in just 12 hours. Gone are the days of expensive, time-consuming 4K production – Mango TV now produces it at HD costs and speed. This leapfrog in 4K content creation revolutionizes variety shows, setting a new bar for the industry.

Recommended Services

End-to-End Product Development

From concept to launch, we'll guide you through every stage of your product's journey, ensuring a seamless and successful outcome.

Onshore and Offshore Software Development

Leverage our global talent pool to find the perfect fit for your project, be it cost-effective offshore solutions or dedicated onshore teams.

Cloud Security

Navigate the complexities of cloud environments with our robust security solutions, protecting your data and infrastructure from evolving threats.

Cloud Consulting & Optimization

Get expert advice on cloud migration, optimization, and cost management, unlocking the full potential of your cloud infrastructure.

Data Sovereignty & Localization

Comply with data regulations and ensure local compliance wherever you operate, with our data sovereignty and localization expertise.

MetaVerse Development Services

Step into the future with our cutting-edge Metaverse development services, crafting immersive experiences and building your virtual presence.

Major Media Companies Choosing Huawei Media Cloud

Recommended Products

VOD/Livestreaming Acceleration

With more than 2800 CDN acceleration nodes deployed worldwide, Huawei Cloud distributes content from origin servers to your nearest acceleration nodes, allowing you to obtain content faster and easier. With Huawei Cloud CDN, you will no longer suffer from video frame freezing, long video loading, and high latency.

Service Operations

The cloud native MapReduce Service (MRS) offers high-performance big data components of the Hadoop ecosystem. It provides capabilities such as data lake, data warehouse, BI, and AI convergence for customers to quickly build a cost-effective, flexible, open, secure, and reliable one-stop big data platform and improve customers' operational efficiency.

Application Deployment

Huawei Cloud's media application deployment solution features a global cloud infrastructure, cloud native deployment, flash scaling, on-demand use, and scaling in seconds during trending events. The solution enables media companies to quickly launch and flexibly scale out workloads so that their business can remain stable even amid traffic bursts caused by trending events.


Huawei Cloud Live is the cumulation of years of video expertise. It offers a secure and high-concurrency E2E livestreaming solution while delivering low-latency HD experience.

Service Operations

We provide secure, smooth, and customized VOD service for video service enterprises to quickly build smooth, easy-to-integrate, customizable, secure, and reliable VOD applications.

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