We help our partners to organize and lead product & service innovation initiatives in the digital space. We use design principles and innovation models to help our partners create and capture value in the digital economy.

Internet of Things

Besides the wearables, we build solutions sing IoT and machine learning to address problems related to security, city administration and agriculture

Digital solutions

Tell us about your problems and we shall find the right response using digital technologies. We have the expertise in designing and developing solutions with the use of but not limited to GSM, geolocation, NFC, mobile operators and smartphones

Artificial Intelligence

The world is moving towards artificial intelligence, thanks to the latest developments in technology. We provide solutions that leverage AI, chatbots and social bots, that make it easier to engage with customers in newer ways.


2B promotes wearables that ensures security for the kids and the elderly. We understand that as parents, we care about the safety of our kids. We are also concerned about the health and security of our parents. We provide solutions available on iOS, Android and web platform that helps us keep track of our kids and our elderly safety and health.

Virtual Reality

Ranging from Google Business View to our to customized VR solution for live content, education and entertainment, we have a solution for you