Managed SIEM


As you continue to expand your business through digital initiatives, you also expand your attack surface. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology is vital to protecting this infrastructure by collecting and consolidating real-time event data feeds of systems, networks, and endpoints from across your environment.

Finding the real threats amid all of the noise, though, is one of the challenges. But you can rely on 2B to help.

2B Managed SIEM helps you reduce the noise and gives you powerful and unique advantages:

  • Access to top-tier, advanced SIEM technology
  • A skilled analysis team with decades of experience to manage it properly
  • Full visibility and expert 24x7x365 monitoring
  • No resource, cost, and management burdens of running a complex SIEM solution in-house


Whether you access the next-generation capabilities of the SIEM technology in our stack or need us to manage your existing in-house SIEM solution, 2B Managed SIEM delivers all the benefits of this powerful tool – affordably and without the complexity of running it yourself.

Machine Learning and Automation

Combines analytics from siloed tools and unifies data and alerts from diverse sources throughout your environment.

Intuitive Real-Time Views

A dashboard gives our security operations analysts and our customers real-time views into monitoring and detection activity.

Rapid and Effective Discovery

Enables our analysts to weed out false alerts, track down potential threats faster, and focus on the issues that matter.


Learn how our SOC capabilities can improve your security posture.