Medical Images

Population aging, unhealthy lifestyles, and environmental issues have increased the incidence of chronic diseases that require medical images to diagnose. Patients and hospitals need advanced medical equipment and efficient clinical solutions, so Huawei released the Medical Images solution.

Industry Trends

In recent years, companies in the United States, Europe, Japan, and other parts of the developed world have made great effort to advance the development of small-sized, dedicated, high-definition, and high-speed medical imaging equipment. The technology is developing towards:

  • Small-sized and network-based
  • Integrated diagnosis and treatment based on polymorphic integration
  • 3D printing-aided medical imaging
  • Remote medical consultation

Business Challenges

Molecular Imaging

Recent developments in medical imaging equipment have permitted the comprehensive analysis of the human body. New tools, reagents, and methods have enabled doctors to probe abnormalities at the atomic and molecular levels.

Integrated Diagnosis & Treatment

Anatomical images (CT, MRI, and B-mode ultrasound) and functional images (SPECT and PET) are generated using different principles, and doctors often find it difficult to make diagnoses if they only have one kind of image. Developing integrated equipment and processing methods is a major focus for computer-aided surgery simulation and treatment.

3D Printing-Aided Medical Imaging

3D printing has shown great promise in the medical and healthcare industries due to its obvious value when combined with medical imaging modeling and simulation technologies.

Small-sized & Network-based

New technologies have resulted in the development of small and simple bedside medical imaging devices which can provide timely, accurate, and reliable information for use in intensive care, family medicine, and preventive healthcare.

Typical Scenarios

  • Cloud Image Storage
  • Cloud Image Reading
  • Intelligent Images
  • Regional Images
Cloud Image Storage
PACS image data is generated in large volumes and must be stored for up to a decade and be retrievable online for several years. It would be expensive and complicated for hospitals to construct local storage systems and perform scaling and O&M. This is where cloud storage comes in. If you have a massive amount of existing data, Data Express Service (DES) can help you quickly migrate the data to the cloud.
  • Batch upload of historical data
  • Tape library replaced by cloud storage
  • Real-time data archiving in the cloud
  • Remote data backup
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Cloud Image Reading
Cloud image storage and third-party cloud film applications enable doctors and patients to retrieve and read cloud films using applications, QR scanning, SMS links, and other methods.
  • Multi-terminal access
  • Mobile image reading
  • 3D image reconstruction
  • Cloud films
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Intelligent Images
By leveraging computing, GPU acceleration, and AI services provided by HUAWEI CLOUD, third-party applications can invoke image data stored in the cloud to support scientific research and computer-aided clinical screening.
  • Image-based AI-aided diagnosis
  • 3D image post-processing
  • Real-time data archiving in the cloud
  • Image research platform and big data analysis
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Regional Images
Regional image clouds can be built by third-parties using HUAWEI CLOUD infrastructure. Regional clouds enable collaborative diagnosis between hospitals of different levels while meeting the security requirements of the healthcare industry.
  • Remote consultation
  • Regional image cloud
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Solution Architectures

This solution improves the IT system for image diagnosis, providing more cases, helping both doctors and patients better understand their conditions, and making medical intelligence available to the general public.
  • DEW along with other HUAWEI CLOUD services, protecting your data
  • Promised user data protection
  • Networked printers for imaging data
  • Supporting online and offline medical image teaching
  • Guaranteed E2E information security
  • Convenient transmission and sharing of data on the collaboration platform
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