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The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card companies. The objective of the PCI Data Security Standards is to help protect the safety of all data associated with credit card transactions and reduce fraud. PCI standards set the operational and technical requirements for organizations accepting or processing payment transactions, and for software developers and manufacturers of applications and devices used in credit card transactions.

Maintaining payment security is vitally important. 2B works with clients each and every day striving to meet and exceed these standards.

The industry's most comprehensive security system

With a comprehensive set of five specialized security operations services, 2B Security helps companies of all sizes maintain the effective, compliant cybersecurity protection that’s needed for today’s aggressive threat environment. Access the power of 2B Security MDR protection – delivered on-demand.

Managed Detection & Response

Managed Detection & Response

Our security operations analysts monitor, investigate, and disrupt advanced threats in real time inside the perimeter – across your DNS and Active Directory servers, security devices, endpoints, and email servers.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

We use the latest threat-led intelligence, best practices, and leading technologies to scan, detect, and remediate vulnerabilities in your environment – before they can be exploited.

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

More endpoints mean more threats. Our Managed EDR delivers visibility supported by machine learning and automation to prevent, detect, and remediate known and unknown threats at your endpoints.

Email Protection Services

Email Protection Services

Defend critical business communications against today’s sophisticated payloads and social engineering attacks with our integrated suite of services.

Security Device Management

Security Device Management

Our leading-edge Security Device Management delivers critical functionality to strengthen the defense of users and digital assets in a modern, perimeterless world.


Learn how we take the burden of endpoint protection off of your team.


  • Unified Prevention, Detection, and Response

    A single, purpose-built endpoint agent is powered by machine learning and automation.

  • Protection Across Major Attack Vectors

    Our SOC teams detect and respond to attacks across all major vectors, rapidly eliminating threats with fully automated, policy-driven response and rollback capabilities.

  • Broad Visibility in Real Time

    We have complete visibility into your endpoint security environment with full-context and real-time forensics.

  • OS Support

    Our Managed EDR supports Windows, Mac OS, and most Linux platforms with on endpoint agents operating at machine speed.

  • Context

    Manual effort is reduced by automatically stringing together related EDR incidents to create an attack storyline.