2b provide end to end Consultancy for your smooth and effective Digital Transformation to Public Clouds.

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Professional Services that accelerate your journey to public cloud, elevate your run-state or catapult you ahead of the competition.


Take a big-picture look at your business and goals.


Prepare your cloud environment for change


Build a cloud strategy aligned with your desired outcome.

Deploy | Innovative

Build , test and innovative at Azure speed.

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Continuously improve efficiency, security , governance and operational maturity.

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Leverage the Macquarie Cloud Center of Excellence to accelerate your cloud journey.

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We'll provide you with round-the-clock support, expert advice, governance and security through our  advanced operational framework. You're not going to get all that buying any Public Cloud Directly. 

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Trusted Advice

Advice on tap to help you to deliver the outcomes your business needs.

24x7 Azure Support

Prepare your cloud environment for change

Certified Environment

whether it's PCI-DSS,ISO-27001,GDPR or other compliance requirements, we'll work work with you to ensure boxes are ticked.

Certified Environment

We'll help connect the dots. Enable endless possibility by hybrid cloud connecting Microsoft Azure to Macquarie Cloud then to your sites.

End-to-end Azure Cloud Services Capabilities: Any Ecosystem. Any Industry. Any Complexity. Total Control

Highlights of Services we provide:

Public Cloud Strategy

Public Cloud Migration Services

Fully Managed Cloud Operations

Public cloud Infrastructure Setup and Modernization

Application Modernization and Containerization

Security and Compliance

Work Desk Modernization