Security & Support Experts


When in-house resources are stretched thin and the hiring landscape is daunting, managed services for cybersecurity make perfect sense. But not all teams are created equal. You want senior level credentialed security analysts, a top notch SOC, strategic leadership, and amazing day-to-day support.

With 2B , service is personal.

There’s a good reason that customers stay with us for the long term– because customers truly come first at 2B . That’s not an empty promise.

Global Coverage: SOCs Around the World

Often, our customers want the peace of mind that their team is in their ‘backyard’. Unlike many single-source security providers, we have significant resources in 3 separate SOCs located in the United States, Europe, and Asia. While they are geographically dispersed, they holistically share and manage operations as one unit.

Over 300 Cybersecurity Experts on Your Side

Over 300 Cybersecurity Experts on Your Side

The brainpower and knowledge of a global cybersecurity workforce.

Personalized and Top-Rated Customer Support Teams

Personalized and Top-Rated Customer Support Teams

We’ll be on a first name basis, humans pick up the phone and escalation paths are transparent.


  • Unified Prevention, Detection, and Response

    A single, purpose-built endpoint agent is powered by machine learning and automation.

  • Protection Across Major Attack Vectors

    Our SOC teams detect and respond to attacks across all major vectors, rapidly eliminating threats with fully automated, policy-driven response and rollback capabilities.

  • Broad Visibility in Real Time

    We have complete visibility into your endpoint security environment with full-context and real-time forensics.

  • OS Support

    Our Managed EDR supports Windows, Mac OS, and most Linux platforms with on endpoint agents operating at machine speed.

  • Context

    Manual effort is reduced by automatically stringing together related EDR incidents to create an attack storyline.