Work from Home

Is COVID-19 giving you are hard time to Work from Home? Here are some tried and tested solutions which can make your transition smooth while setting up your operations remotely.

In the current circumstances, the companies across the globe need the ability to operate from anywhere, so that they can continue to serve their customers. 2B Cloud solutions/services as described below can be helpful in.

Unified Communication Solutions

Being Microsoft Partners, 2B can bring in best of breed solutions for remote workers where they can communicate and collaborate easily.
Microsoft 365 brings best in class communication and collaboration office apps with advanced security, resulting in increased employee productivity for Small and Enterprise Businesses.

2B Cloud Services

Do you want to Move from Technical Debt Business model to a Technical on-demand Services aimed at reducing cost by optimizing the resources and increasing ROI on your investments?

Convert your CAPEX to OPEX by investing on resources as and when required without any kind of maintenance and operational headaches. Cloud Computing is the on-demand delivery of services over the internet. Unlike, the traditional IT setup, there is no need to build and maintain a datacenter and invest on hardware/software. All the required services, like Compute power, storage, and databases etc are available on-demand basis.

Business Continuity Solutions

Are your remote workers’ laptops being backed up? Is your O365 data being backed up?
Centrally backup remote laptops to maintain data security, compliance and control no matter where workers are. Protect data from permanent deletion while users are communicating and collaborating over internet, using our Business continuity solutions.

Secure Virtual Office

In present times, while workforce is working from home, one of the main concerns for the corporates is to maintain best security practices to ensure data safety and business continuity.

• Secure Remote Gateway
• Secure Corporate Devices
• Secure Emails
• Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solutions
• Certificate Management

Employee Productivity Monitoring Solution

Want to monitor the productivity of an employee Working from Home?

How it helps:
• Increase Productivity
• Prevent Data Theft
• Improve Efficiency
• New Level of HR Management