Ransomware Attack: A Threat to Customers Data

Ransomware Attacks

“Unfortunately, it has proved impossible to recreate more data, and the majority of our customers have thus lost all data with us,” CloudNordic said.
CloudNordic, a prominent cloud hosting firm in Denmark, recently encountered a ransomware attack that not only infected its systems but also caused the firm to lose a majority of its customers’ data.

The firm mainly supplies servers to various companies to help them seamlessly host emails, websites, and other IT services. With such a catastrophic attack, the firm is most likely to start from scratch and rebuild its information technology systems.

What did they lose?

The company mentioned that in addition to the data they lost, they also lost all their systems and servers and have been facing communication gaps thereafter. “We have now re-established blank systems, e.g., name servers (without data), web servers (without data), and mail servers (without data),” CloudNordic adds.

How did the attack take place?

On August 18, the company was physically moving some servers from one data centre to another when the attack unfolded. It is suspected that some of these servers that were transferred unknowingly contained a dormant malware infection.

With the latest technology, all servers and devices are connected to form one network, which helps you optimise your operations. While this technological advancement is of great benefit, it also poses some challenges.

Similarly, when these infected servers got connected to the company’s network, the hackers got an entry point to access all of CloudNordic’s server data, its infrastructure, and vulnerable moments. They not only accessed the central admin system but also targeted the backup system.

The attackers succeeded in encrypting the servers’ disks, along with the primary and secondary backup systems. Immediately, all machines crashed, and the company lost access to all of its clients’ data.

The attackers’ ask

The company mentioned that the data has not been removed from the company’s hacked servers, while access to the data has been locked.

To retrieve the access, the unidentified ransomware group has demanded $157,914 (6 bitcoins). With the asking price so high, CloudNordic has refused to pay.

The director of CloudNordic responded to the media, saying, “I don’t expect that there will be any customers left with us when this is over.”


Azero Clouds, a sister company of CloudNordic, has also faced a similar attack lately. As the above incident unfolded, it marked a reminder of the persistent threat of cyberattacks in our day-to-day operations. Cyberattacks can not only disrupt operations but also compromise sensitive data and undermine client confidence.

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