Understanding Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to Enhance Cyber Security

Managed Security Service provider

The world is evolving at a rapid pace. The way organizations work has changed 360 degrees. With this ever-evolving pace, cyber risks have taken a toll on organizations. The risks have been rising at a pace like never before. With this huge rise in risks, it is essential to protect oneself by adapting to the latest offerings and technologies. Amidst these developments, Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) have risen as key drivers to protect organizations by providing specialized security services. MSSPs offer a comprehensive range of security services essential for businesses today.

The journey for MSSPs stems back to the late 1990s when Internet Service Providers (ISPs) started offering managed firewall solutions to their users. Cyber threats have been rising at an alarming rate and have opened various vulnerabilities in the cyber security space. Hackers are finding new techniques to seamlessly enter a network and corrupt the same with viruses. To meet these growing security needs, the concept of specialized MSSPs has evolved. With the rise of these challenges, cyber security awareness is also increasing and organizations are introducing cyber security risk management protocols in collaboration with cyber security experts of top cyber security companies in India. But are internal teams enough to mitigate cyber risks and protect the organization and its stakeholders?

This article will give you a brief introduction to cyber security and answer the above question by diving deep into the world of MSSPs and their offerings.

What MSSPs Are Used For

At the core, MSSPs deliver outsourced security solutions for organizations. They primarily focus on providing security monitoring and incident response services for enterprise networks and endpoints. With the latest evolution and updates in technology, MSSPs have extended their support to encompass diverse platforms, which include cloud-based infrastructure as well. This expansion targets to cater to a wider and more dynamic space of security needs and modern problems faced by modern enterprises. 

MSP vs. MSSP: Understanding the Differences

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) are both third-party organizations. However, their focus areas differ significantly. MSPs focus on providing general network and IT support, which includes services like managed telecommunications and Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms. On the other hand, as the name suggests, MSSPs solely focus on security services as their specialization.

Another key distinction between the two lies in their operations centers: While MSPs typically operate Network Operations Centers (NOCs) for network management, MSSPs operate Security Operations Centers (SOCs) for round-the-clock security monitoring and incident response.

Benefits of Partnering with an MSSP

There are several benefits of partnering with an MSSP. Some of them are as follows:

  • Filling Vacant Roles: Some organizations face cyber security shortages as they do not have an internal team to take care of cyber security concepts. MSSPs bridge this cyber security information gap by providing expertise that might be lacking in an organization’s internal security team. It is essential to have experts manage your cyber security tools as they have cyber security fundamentals cleared and can mitigate the risk in cyber security by expanding the scope of cyber security and providing effective and efficient cyber security solutions.
  • Access to Expertise: MSSPs solely focus on security services and offer access to specialized cybersecurity expertise, such as malware analysts and digital forensics in cyber security specialists, when incidents occur. They showcase their expertise with penetration testing in cyber security and help you meet cyber security standards by covering all components of cyber security and mitigating cyber security risks.
  • Round-the-Clock Protection: MSSPs provide 24/7 SOC in cyber security services, ensuring timely detection and effective response to potential cyber security attacks by covering you 360-degree from various types of cyber security threats.
  • Increased Security Maturity: Small and medium-sized businesses benefit from the mature cyber security solutions provided by MSSPs as they use advanced cyber security applications which the small enterprises might not have access to. With their help, small businesses can also get cyber security training on cyber security basics, along with an array of cyber security topics.
  • Solution Configuration and Management: MSSPs handle the configuration and management of cyber security solutions, ensuring they are expertly managed without the need for in-house talent. They introduce cyber security policy and ensure effective following of the same. 
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: MSSPs leverage scalable cybersecurity solutions, spreading the cost of robust cybersecurity infrastructure across multiple clients. They offer a plethora of cyber security services at a budget that fits your pocket.
  • Compliance Support: MSSPs assist organizations in navigating the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations through data collection and reporting.

How 2B Innovations Solutions Empower MSSPs

It is a strategic choice made by organizations to partner up with an MMSP for enhanced cyber security to protect their business as MSSPs refer to a vast cyber security tools list and help with personalized solutions to help your business avail advantages of cyber security,

2B Innovations solutions play a vital role in empowering MSSPs to scale confidently and minimize cyber security risks for their clients. Here’s how 2B Innovations supports MSSPs:

  1. Simplicity: 2B Innovations Infinity Portal offers comprehensive transparency, simplifying cyber threat detection, timely response, and effective hunting activities. 2B Innovations solutions seamlessly integrate with various third-party providers and are deployable in both on-premises and multi-cloud environments.
  2. Automation: With self-service portals and automated reporting, MSSPs enhance their customers’ visibility and maintain control over their services. 2B Innovations’s integrations and APIs also enable MSSPs to prevent, detect, remediate, and report threats efficiently and smoothly.
  3. Scalability: As MSSPs’ clients grow, 2B Innovations solutions grow as well, to support zero-trust deployment and seamless integration of additional functionalities. With this expansion, MSSPs can easily add new users without the need for additional licensing.
  4. Reliability: 2B Innovations Infinity Portal eliminates the need for MSSPs to operate fully redundant data centers by guaranteeing over 99.999% availability. They protect the customers’ environment with up-to-date code, ensuring industry-leading catch rates for all potential threats. They act as trusted partners with their incident response teams and professional services team available for additional support to help you work efficiently.
  5. Low Cost of Entry: They give a chance to MSSPs to enter the market with minimal upfront investments. With 2B Innovations; ‘s hardware right-to-use agreement now, MSSP partners don’t have to acquire hardware for their use.
  6. Predictable Revenue: 2B Innovations offers a transparent and tiered pricing model that provides MSSPs’ partners with complete honesty and upfront visibility into the costs of every software and service offered.


In today’s world, MSPs play a pivotal role in fortifying organizations against cyber threats. Businesses can navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape effectively by partnering with specialized providers like 2B Innovations. 2B Innovations ensures continuous protection and compliance in the face of evolving challenges. With the latest cyber security news and the rise of cyber threats, it is quintessential for organizations to outsource and partner with MSSPs to ensure complete network cyber security.

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