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The Right Now Communication Tool

A Multimodal communication tool you can use to inform, enquire and engage with your employees across a gamut of communications

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Why Choose Qcomm

Internal Communications, Simplified

  • Manage communication channels seamlessly with an user friendly dashboard that is easy to use and customize. 
  • Functions as a Backup Communication Channel
  • Negates the risk of missed internal communications
  • Ensures compliance by tracking receipt via advanced reporting  
  • Targeted employee communications with multiple audiences 
  • Improves employee engagement through surveys and polls 
  • Manage all your digital signages with a single console 
  • Catalyses a campaign approach to user education 
Why Use Qcomm

Extended Applications​

Having been developed in conjunction with 2b Innovations, a strategic digital transformation partner, we are aware of the modern day communication challenges faced by enterprises globally. Some of the futuristic benefits Icomm is suited to delivering are outlined below.

Manage Costs

Reduce in-store Inventory and Storage Costs with instore advertising to focus promotions on high demand, high inventory products 

Augment Employee Retention​

Boost employee engagement by recognizing loyal talent, rewarding high performance, celebrating employee milestones and more.

Improve Customer Experience

Channelize important notifications to relevant customers by creating audiences. 

Increase Revenue Generation

Use digital signages to direct customers to your most lucrative available outlets

Our Solution​

Industries that deploy Icomm​

Government ​


Oil & gas

Energy and Renewables


Real Estate​

Internal Communications Simplified

Lets keep your communication channels efficient and effective.